Hey guys, I’m new to these forums and was hoping I could get a bit of help from some one. I’m currently working in the Credit Risk department of a bulge-bracket bank in London. I intend to do my FRM and CFA. I know that there is a small overlap, so I was wondering if any one had any strong feelings as to which beast I should tackle first. I’ve spoken to a few people and some have said it’s worth doing CFA first as it’s broader, and others have said to do FRM first or even to do both simultaneously! I also haven’t studied Math in a long time. (I didn’t even take Math in my final two years of high school). I know this isn’t really an issue for CFA, but I expect this to be a massive issue for FRM. Can any one clarify just what level of Mathematical knowledge is required to pass FRM level 1? Thanks a lot guys, any help would really be appreciated!

According to my experience, you should go for both FRM and CFA together. If you have knowledge of CFA -1 and CFA -2, you are coverning 70% of FRM -1. So, if possible and if you can start in this coming December then you can follow the following:

Dec 13: CFA - 1

Jun 14: CFA - 2

Nov 14: FRM - 1

Jun 15: CFA - 3

Nov 15: FRM - 2

and Boom!!! you have both charters… :slight_smile: As you are working in Credit department I dont think FRM will be of that great issue epecially FRM -2 will be easier for you. FRM - 1 do have a bit of quant part but that you will cover in CFA 1 and CFA 2.

So, dont worry go for both the certifications and RULE the World…