FRM work experience submission - relevant job titles

Hi everyone, hope you done well on the last exam. I haven’t found relevant topic, so I’ve decided start a new one dedicated to job titles submission which are not directly related to various risk analyst roles.

My job title for the last several years has been product control analyst and in general, involvement in risk assessment differs under this title from just gathering risk metrics from built in risk reports for income attribution analysis to being a calculation agent for all risk metrics, while risk units being more focused on calculation methodology.

In the famous document “Sample FRM Qualifying job titles” the only relevant title is Equity Product Controller, have no idea, why there are only equities and no other products.

So, could some of product controllers here share their stories on FRM work experience submission: was it successful, what risk relevant topics did you put into position descriptions, did you just copy-paste description from your CV or made a special emphasis on risk related topics?.

All right, to finish the story, my work experience has been approved. I didn’t change too much in submission compared to my CV, put several “risk”-like words where it was applicable, but without exaggeration. However, I also have ~2Y experience in middle office TSU, so maybe they approved combined experience.