FRM Work Experience Submission

Hi Folks,

I have passed Level II of FRM in May 2017. I also have completed 2 years of work experience and was hoping to submit the same to GARP in December.

Please can somebody go over the content which I have written and comment if that would be sufficient to justify the requirement? Many many thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Work Experience:

(18 months) (Computer Software - Knowledge Process Outsourcing BU) (Associate Consultant)

My work responsibilities included:

路 Calculating, analysing & reconciling NAV for various in house & external portfolios on daily & monthly basis with exposure to different types of products such as Equities, Fixed income, Derivatives.

路 Identifying discrepancies (pay down & amortization of fixed income securities, bond factor issues, erroneous transactions/ missing transactions, FX issues etc.) in the portfolio NAV & resolving the errors to get the portfolio NAV in line.

路 Analysing and verifying corporate actions to check if the processing is done correctly so as to avoid risk of under or over stating NAV. Rectifying the corporate action to report correct NAV.

路 Proving detailed summary of portfolio performance

路 Analyzing returns based on cash flows with effect to NAV, comparison with its peers & benchmark indexes to provide commentary on measure such as Alpha, standard deviation etc.

路 Reconciling of custodian vs. client NAV so that accurate payment is released. Rectifying any erroneous difference in client vs. custodian NAV.

(6 months & presently working) (Investment Bank) (Analyst 鈥 Product Control)

My work responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the daily and monthly production and reporting of P&L (T+1 profit and loss) made by the traders, and the overall control of the products held by them.
  • Calculation of MTM to ensure the current market value is reflected on firm鈥檚 books.
  • Work closely with trading desk & operations to resolve any trade booking and/or valuation issues.
  • Process journal entries to correct for any error in fair value, review of manual adjustments and monitoring of cancel and correct trades for insider trading activities.
  • Resolving issues impacting the T+1 P&L.
  • Attribution of P&L as transactional, carry, or other market-based portfolio effects along with Greeks and residual analysis.
  • Determining underlying factors of P&L made by the traders by analysing market changes and trading patterns on a day to day basis and providing commentary.
  • Analysis and explanation of T0 flash versus actual P&L variances.
  • Reconciliation of commissions, revenue sharing and soft dollar rebates across inter companies/departments for P&L reporting at company level.
  • Creating and presenting weekly risk reports to senior management.
  • Month end reconciliations including investigating Net Revenue books to reported differences (General Ledger and sub ledgers - P&L reporting systems) with variance explanation along with substantiating and attestation of Balance Sheet.
  • Assist internal and external auditors, and ad-hoc analysis.