Is anyone going to take the FRM after we all find out good news on Tuesday? I have a friend at work who has failed Level I seven times that is interested in taking it and I was wondering if I should too.

No offense but if your friend has studied seriously for the exam and still failed L1 seven times I doubt whether either CFA or FRM is appropriate for him. Life is not only about these exams.

Lots of good quant in there - I liked it. I say go for it.

He generally waits until the last minute to study because he is a ‘Senior Analyst’ and therefore better than me (haha) … Does anyone respect the FRM or should I pass on it?

Not sure about your friend but you can go for it. You will learn a lot about risk management. Moreover, the syllabus(curriculum) is lesser than any level of the CFA Program. If you study right, you can complete each level with 2-3 months of preparation.

I would choose PRM instead of FRM.

PRM has credits for charterholders, so you’ll need to take just two exams instead of four.

This could be a rational reason only if you want to get another abbreviation added to you name, which is in itself has nothing to do with rationale. FRM/PRM choice should be based on your need, not on the provided credits.

PRM Just doesn’t look as cool on a business card/LinkedIn profile as FRM

Would be waste of time in my view.

It helps mostly for MO / Risk roles.

If is written with small caps even is not noticeable. You may add CFA, CPA, FRM, PRM if you like it.

you should also add LEED. pretty easy to get. they should create the tiers there too tho. Jon Snow, LEED PLATINUM ™ would look so sick.

Already have the PRM. If you want to learn some more quantitative subjects then its good, otherwise I wouldnt bother with FRM or PRM.

I registered for nov Part I. Looking for the CFA, FRM, MBA trio, because it kinda spells CARAMBA with squeezed eyes…

  • FRM is nice for employability where is live.

I think it depends. If you aim a position in risk management or risk control it would be a good additional qualification. If you don’t want to go into this direction it could also help as the FRM gives you a good and broad overview of risk management tools which - in my opinion - should also be useful for asset management. In this case you should ask yourself if you really need this. GARP’s homepage provides a quite detailled overview of the topics covered by the FRM (you have to register with your email and you’ll be able to download a PDF).

I have a risk control position and finished CFA last year and already passed FRM Part I. For me it’s useful as the FRM gives a good overview of many different aspects of risk control and risk management (market risk, credit risk, operational risk, quant topics, some additional aspects of portfolio management from a risk perspective view etc.).

If you want to go for the FRM I’d recommend to start as early as possible since there are some overlaps with the CFA curriculum (e.g.: quant, although FRM goes into more detail; derivatives; CAPM; Information ratio, Sortino Ratio; …) and you are already used to learn new stuff.

I’m not sure what line of work you and your struggling friend are in but I’m pursuing the CAIA. Passed level 1 after taking level 2 of the CFA last year with roughly 40 hours of study time and will start studying for level 2 in September shortly.

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