anyone plans to take FRM this year? how about your study so far?

I signed up… I’m about 1/2 through the FRM handbook. Very technical/math-oriented, definitely a challenge.

I am too stuck up half-way (probably less) through the Handbook. Very challenging stuff. Kateonair and Dimes27, how much time are you guys devoting to the preps as of now? Where and in what capacity are you people working? I am enrolled in a (challenging) MBA program here and get very less time for FRM preps. Noone (except me) here is taking FRM however and hence being regular with FRM is very difficult.

I am taking FRM in November which is a blend of level 2 and level 1. But this exam is as much as challengin as CFA level 2 as it is a lot of quantitative methods, especially for operational risk. FRM handbook is not sufficient though. BT is very good for review but not thorough. Schweser a lit more thorough but you have to go with the readings.

FRM is no joke!

I plan to only read Schweser note books. Do you think it is enough?

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I agree, FRM is more challenging that I was > thinking. I have got problems memorizing some > challenging formula. > I plan to spend 350 hours, rely principaly on > schweser, having a look at the obscurs concepts on > the handbook. > Yeah levl of difficulty is nearly the same as > level II. > > Good luck gent The handbook is pretty sparse… there isn’t a lot of explanation on a lot of topics. I assume the core readings would have more.

I plan on taking the FRM next year. After I write my GMAT and pass CFA level 2 - this time I better pass…

Do you guys think it’s at all plausible to register for the FRM now and take the exam this year?

Can anyone suggest whether the handbook alone is enough for the frm prep? Thanks.

The Handbook ist crap. Maybe useful for a short review. I´am using Schweser and several original Books (Hull, Jorion, Tuckman, Stulz, Saunders…). I like it. It is deeper than the CFA Stuff in my favourite topics (Derivatives, Fixed income, …).