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I appeared FRM level 1 in may 2014 and failed with a score (2,2,3,3). I’m planning to reappear in Nov 2014. I’m also thinking to write both FRM 1& 2 this time. Is it advisable to appear/prepare both exam simultaneously?

Your suggestions are welcome.

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No. Take one at a time and do it correctly. Life is a marathon not a sprint.

When giving or writing an FRM exam, it is already exhausting enough. Calibrating the David Copperfield-like magic of suddenly “appearing” at these exams seems like overkill to me.

My advice would be to simply “show up” at one exam at a time instead of “appearing” at both simultaneously.

Hi Rayan,

Even i am in similar situation like yours but following everyones advice I am thinking of taking one exam at a time. Is there any advice you would give for Study materiails to be used for Part 1 preparation.



^ Good decision. Don’t burnout. Life may be short, but there’s enough time to pass the 2 exams without doing them at the same time.

FRM 1+2 =1.5* CFA l2

plan accordingly…

thanks for everyone’s comments. I’m planning to take only part 1 exam in Nov. One of the main reasons is due to work commitment.

Hi Hyerathi,

I intend to use GARP material. Last time, I used Schweser and found very useful.