From a L3er good luck tomorrow

Best of luck tomorrow. And if you get the bad news, don’t despair. Keep in mind you can take L1 in December and still be on target to take L2 in June. I will be thinking about you guys tonight.

Jasonms, Thank you kind sir.

Jason, appreciate the concern. And thanks for your wishes. It’s people like you who make this forum worth while.

best of luck !!!

I don’t know why, but I still find myself to be very interested in the L1 results tomorrow. It kind of fills the void between early June and late August. Also, we get to see if the incredible surge in L1 registration has resulted in a dramatically reduced pass rate. Best of luck to those who worked hard for this.

best of luck from a L2 er as well!

Mcleod…I agree with you. I think the pass rate on L1 this time may be indicative of the trend of the L3 rate as well…Let’s hope the L1 pass rate is high for all of us.

Best of luck everyone, I am excited for you.

All the best from my side as well…(L3er)…As other L3 fellows, am as well quite excited to see the pass percentage All the best for the L1 result and the following L2 exam

All the very best…enjoy the anxiety before the exhilleration …for those who dont make it, pls dont despair…u still have dec…good luck.

Best of luck to everyone too! 43 minute countdown begins now…

Also an L3er, Good luck guys!

now that i remember the LI frenzy two years ago, most of the active participants on the forum passed. the pass rate became lower for LII. i hope it will not be the same for LIII. so for most of you, i’m sure you’ll get through !

Good luck from L2er

All the best 10 minutes to go :slight_smile: