From Accounting to Asset Management?

What is my objective?

My desire is to work in the asset management industry as an analyst.

Who am I?

I am 23 year old individual who has recently graduated from a non-target University in the United Kingdom with a mediocre GPA (low 2.1) in Accounting and Economics.

What am I doing right now?

I am working at an accounting firm in London to become a charted accountant (ACCA qualification; equivalent to CA in North America).

What is my plan?

I hope to clear all ACCA exams by September 2017 (I have seven exemptions) and then focus on finishing the CFA by the time I have completed by training contract. During these three years I will also work on my financial modelling skills as well as keeping up with finance related news.

My question/s to you…

Does this look like a good plan?

Could you provide me with things to do to enhance my CV other than what I have stated above?

Is 26/27/28 seen as too old for asset management?

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Make the move as soon as possible - the longer you leave it the more likely you are to be pigeonholed as an accountant (which the finance/investment industry seems to look down on). Other thing is the older you get the less firms will want you in as an Analyst as they will have or (or at least feel like they have to) pay you more - also less trainable than a younger candidate (and probably with a stronger understanding of work life balance as well at this point which they wont necessarily like).

I would recommend you start looking and applying now (networking on your own and interviews via headhunters). The process should take 3-9 months so don’t worry about having time to think about the decision - apply now/interview now and worry about makinga decision when you have the offers.

Thank you very much for the help, I appreciate it.

stay at accounting. you will end up making the same amount of money plus much less risk.

igor I don’t know how it is in Ukraine but in Hong Kong accountants (Big 4) get paid virtually minimum wage. MacDonalds staff probably get paid more.On top of that, if you stay 7 years + in accounting here you aren’t going anyway - seen as lower tier (not competitive due to the sheer number of auditors they hire each year - advisory side is different).

Salary difference is night and day (my base is 3.5x my friends’ in PwC/KPMG/Deloitte audit and about 2x Advisory - bonus they get 1 months’ salary whereas mine should be 3-12 months).

I am well aware that it is less risky; however to be frank I don’t find accounting to be very stimulating.

Asset Management seems more appealing to me for various reasons. Thanks.