From band 2 to pass...


just wanted to highlight my experience in level 2 and how I managed to pas after getting band 2:

1- used schweser notes only to read material

2- did all EOC including essay questions

3- did all topic tests

4- did all CFAI mocks even the old ones I had with the focus on 2016

5- tracked my progress on excel including marks of all EOC, topic tests and mocks

hope it’s useful :slight_smile:

that’s great! congrats! how did you do by section? 70s in everything?

Thanks mglasses5! To be honest I started in March and too a week off work before the exam. I managed to get >70% in FI, ECON, QUANTS, FRA. <50% in equity which I found strange and the rest between 50-70%

I rewrote level 2 this year and passed with above 70 in all but two topics. last year got band 2!!! It’s possible!!

Congratz dude, you jump up from the bottom to the top. Hardwork really paid off, right.

Thanks all! and good luck to all retakers, you can do it!

Congrats. Well there does’nt seem to be a secret anyway . Probability of passing is directly proportional to X . X = No of hours invested