From Band 3 in Dec 2013 to Passed

I passed CFA L1 at last. I was Band 3 in Dec 2013 exam. When I asked for advice in this forum last time, some folks replied CFA is not for me and I am wasting my time and money. But I decided not to listen to them and gave my best shot and Passed. Yes, I am from non-finance background. But I always believed if you put your mind and heart to it you will get it.

Congrats! What did you do different this time?

Congrats to you. For me 98% of the material was brand new too (I took the exam twice as well) and I’m sure LI material is studiable by practically everyone who puts in the commitment/time.

I wonder (hope) it’s true for the next level too.

Congratulations, Raj!

Well done :slight_smile:


I read the schweser material A to Z twice and did the end of chapter questions. I just revised the material. I did not write any tests. I would not recommend this, but this is what I really did - read the material and revised it.

Congrats man !

people/society are filled with idiots , dont listen to them . Everyone successful was mocked by the society at somepoint in their life .

Just remember that the Charter never shows how many times you failed

Congrats man. I failed band 10 and don’t want to move on. I respect your drive.

I failed band 8 and am extremely depressed because of the time and effort I put into it. I almost went into depression pre-test.

Stories like this make me want to keep going. I will be registering for the December exam. Not sure if I’ll use kaplan again, anyone have any advice?

To those who passed in second attempt what did you all do different? I am thinking of spending two months on revising the study sessions and last two doing the equestions