From Briefing: North Korea has approval to engage in nuclear attacks against US

Perfect storm for today’s market.

Go ahead, make my day, punk. I dare ya.

Now all they need is the ability.

What will they have to gain by actually attacking the US?

It would be funny to see that they actually launch a nuclear missil, which is course intercepted and destroyed right away if it doesn’t fall like a rock into the ocean first, and then the US has no option but to level Pyongyang hard.

I feel for my South Korean friends though. It has to suck to have that nutjob so close.

Didn’t you guys see the “Red Dawn” remake?

Yawn, I can tell you the only people talking about this are Americans. Nobody here in Seoul actually cares. It’s business as usual…

Who is going to do some currency plays? Damn, it looks like easy money.

Cool. Good to get your perspective. Although Asian stocks are down a bit right now.

I blame CT’s avatar… :-p

^ Yeah, I do what I can to foment nuclear war. I’m still hoping to get India/Pakistan to buck. That will be the ultimate pair trade.

Everyone in the South is too busy playing Starcraft.

Starcraft is still around? I used to love Starcraft.

Maybe we’re all thinking about this wrong.

Maybe Kim knows everything is a disaster and his government has no chance of saving the poor people from the NK elite. His only avenue to save his country is to sacrifice himself by using his position to declare war , attack the US in some way, thus ensuring the destruction of the NK military and freeing the people at last.

Like Batman.

Because he’s the hero North Korea deserves , but not the one it needs right now

I find it interesting that the Canadian government updated it’s travel adivsories today and still considers SK as safe to visit as Greenland and New Zealand, and still considers NK as dangerous to visit as Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan.

Dude…I posted this exact same thing in the other NK thread. At least admitted I lifted it from Reddit. You reposted my repost.

^ yes I didn’t come up with that. you are right

it was just too good to pass up.

Awww, look at Canada, pretending like they are a real country and everything.

What if he submits you to the CFA Overlords for violating Standard I-C: Misrepresentation

I just saw the movie Olympus has Fallen. Although the title “Gerard Butler Fcking Kills Everyone” would have fit a lot better.

If Kim sees that movie, he’ll rethink his plan to attack the US.