from front office to back office..... been 1 month now

and I love it… My shop is great for someone young in their career. My MD is great and the VP on my team is awesome. We work pretty long hours but the learning and future jobs that I could move into are wonderful. I am in a 2 year program to rotate through various roles in back and mid office. I am hoping for product control next then emissions. Everyone said it was going to be dead end. I feel much better then in my analyst role in investment management. And they pay 100% of MBA. Sweet!!!

just out of interest, what front office role did you come from, and what back office role are you doing now?

I also work for a BO that will pay for 100% of my MBA. That said, and MBA is becoming increasingly useless IMHO for capital markets. I would rather have that 2 years on my resume in an FO role than the MBA

My bet: FO role: assistant copier paper manager. BO role: assistant trade processing manager.

I was an analyst for two PM that ran about 900m and 700M. It was a very clear road to promotion but very long(6-8 years)… I just got bored and wanted a change. I now work on a emissions team that is a hyvrid back/mid office roles. I will rotate through about 6 roles then post into one.

talk about self-denial. you go, goldenboy

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I now work on a emissions team emissions ?

Emissions team? Is that in Detroit? Why back office?

carbon,coal and weather trading in texas they tend to promote jobs from BO into MO and FO pretty regularly It was a job with a BB ibank with great pay and benefits with a very young staff and lots of capital to build the business. Citi,ML,Bear,LD,LB and JP have all been beefing up their energy trading in houston.

goldenboy, u in Houston? your shop hiring?

yes you in houston?


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