from reddit: these links gave me some serious confidence. hopefully its real

i will say that i DONT think the MPS is 56. as ive said on this forum i think its around 61

Bruh… chilll dog. Ain’t SHIT we can do bout it!


You guy are all nutz…

After I took the AM session, I was telling myself, I could probably still pass if I marked all A’s in the PM.

I think the MPS is going to be and is always in the 50s. If you crushed the AM in the 60s or 70%s, you are a sure in. If you did poorly in the AM at 45-50%, you are still hanging in the MPS zone.

85% of this board will pass… The average dude in reddit will score on par with the global average, 55% pass and 45% fail.

Now just chill, and wait for the congratulatory email in late august.

My boss just bought me a nice lunch to celebrate… I can’t let him down.