From Risk Management to Portfolio Management

Hello, I would like to ask you for advice/opinion on how to move from risk management to portfolio management.

After university I have worked for a couple of years in risk management (credit risk, enterprise-wide risk) and meanwhile completed the three levels of the CFA exam. However now I would like to switch into portfolio management.

Do you think it is possible to move from risk management directly into portfolio management? If not, what position(s) should I best apply to, in order to eventually reach my goal?

Thank you for any hints!

I don’t get what your experience is. Is this experience of risk management on the buy-side? If so 2 options sneak your way in at a new firm since its not working at your firm or go the mba route. Just please make sure the mba has good alumni.

Investment track record would help. Have a look at, a website service that allows users to maintain a verifiable investment track record.