From selling CDO tranches to selling lapdances

She is quite eloquent for a stripper. How do I find out more…?


May be because she has a university degree and used to work at Lehman selling ABS, MBS, CDOs and commercial paper.

Too bad there’s no pic.

Is this link NSFW?

Dude, if any of you bothered to read this retarded long mini-novel you’d realize it’s a freaking fiction piece.

Yeah, I enjoyed it, but by the end it was clearly a fiction piece, too many things cleaned up neatly to be real.

Well if you click on the links she writes these on what appears to be a weekly or monthly basis.

+1 - I got sucked in thinking that eventually the story would turn more *graphic* and by the time I realized this hope would not be realized, I was already too invested to not finish. Still a decent read.

i read about 4 paragraphs and realized this is fake…worst part is there are no pics or anything…

anyone heard of Brooke Magnanti aka Belle de Jour

I think it’s a bit douchey when people write crazy absurd stuff that starts out sounding like it could be true. I remember like 8 years ago reading a story about this guy uncovering something at the CIA or FBI or something and after a lot of ridiculous twists and turns it eventually came to this part where like Dick Cheney’s driving a delivery truck full of secret files to get shredded. There needs to be a label for this kind of genre.

The Tom Clancy books I read seem a bit more realistic than that.

+1 and lol

I can kind of see Dick Cheney personally driving a delivery truck full of secret documents to be shredded. He’d be beet red and mumbling something along the lines of: " 'Sorry boss, we couldn’t find the Kinko’s so the truck is still out back.’ F’ing idiots. Who the F doesn’t know that Kinko’s is now called FedEx Office. My God, a bunch of illegal F’ing Mexicans could figure that out."

And then he will shoot an old man in the face with a shotgun.

Shooting a dude in the face gets me countless hours of jokes on Daily Show/Colbert Report. Can’t get time from crappy fiction back.

Good thing I didn’t take the time to read it. Too bad it’s fiction though. She would have been a great role model for other babes in the industry.

Is this like 50 shades of grey for men?

Maybe I should write one for men…hmmmm…

No, thank you. NO HOMO, please.