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hey guys, I am currently working a middle office position as a Risk Analyst and would eventually like to make the jump to front office (ideally sales and trading). I have a BComm and have passed level 1 of CFA and hope to pass level 2 this June. I was wondering if any of you out there had any advice on how I could achieve this as I am fully aware how competitive these front office positions are. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m in pretty much the same boat - MO Structured Finance position. I passed L1 last summer and sitting for L2 this June. I’m looking to move into a FO role, asset management. I don’t think getting the CFA charter will really help at all in S&T. It can’t hurt though. Best of luck. m

I think you’re right, might not help that much. CFA usually gears you for asset management or Equity Research, or something along those lines. Thanks for the post.

Hi dude. I’ve seen a fair number of people move from MO to FO. What will be useful to you will depend on what firm you work for. In my group, for instance, I would argue that the CFA would be useful. The reason is that there are people in sales and trading here (sales especially…) who have attempted to do the CFA and have failed. So, if a MO person here were to pass the CFA, that is one point towards showing that they have the competency to do the new job. Obviously, other qualities will matter also, as well as how well you get along with people in the FO group. That was a bit of a tangent though. What I’m trying to say is that you should know the specific qualities that are valued by the people in the group that you want to move to. Then, try to reflect those qualities when you bring up your desire to move. In any case, good luck.

Ya I guess I could see it both ways. Definitely couldn’t hurt to have the CFA! Thank you both for the posts and good luck with your studies

CFA will get you respek…but alot of top firms still want MBA from top 20 schools.

^ for banking or PE maybe. For something like Equity Research, heck no

@ iteracom I am working as an IT Business Analyst consultant with banks and appearing for L2 in June. I am gearing up for Equity Research position in a year’s time…do you think I am being realistic? I have 9 months of experience as a Equity Research Analyst following banking stocks.

first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the respect!!!

Howcome so many people on this forum are IT doods trying to switch to Finance, usually Indian doods

Magic sky is starting to flip.

What kind of firm do you work for? And how much do you make as a Risk Analyst there?

I work for TD Securities and it’s $56K plus bonus. No complaints about the money, I just want to do something more relevant.

mainem2 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I work for TD Securities and it’s $56K plus bonus. > No complaints about the money, I just want to do > something more relevant. In India or in the States??

I doubt that you will get $56k+ in India.

It’s in Canada actually. In Toronto.

mainem, How long have you worked for TD? Did you start there right out of school?

how big is the bonus?

pawn Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how big is the bonus? lol you really care how much some random guy on the internet makes?

Is it after tax or pre tax and what is the tax? What is the “normal” salary in us or canada for ordinary finance analyst, what is the range of salaries? lets assume an analyst is not from managerial staff because it is significantly depends on the person itself