frustrated and tense..need some help

Hi guys, i passed l1 and 2 in first attempt but this time it seems to be a bit difficult. i recently changed my job in feb and had to move to a new location etc… in short i started around 3rd week of march and was mainly able to utilize the weekends only…took last week off…skimmed through the books and did schweser vol 1 and vol 2 test. always do miserbaly bad in morning sessions like around 50~55%…i always forget when they ask to list some points etc etc… in evening i get 67% on avg. , but on vol 2 , exam 2 pm, i got 58%… also bought online test for schweser took one but questions are too shity and i dont think the actual exam will have anything like this… seems that my passing prbabilt is 40 % :frowning: hav tried to study quite hard in pat 1 month but from where it seems i am…comparing to you guys…i dont think i have prepared enough…and thats hurts i have last day (friday taking off ) to prepare…please let me know if i should do vol 2, shweser test 3 or shall I try past exams …where do we get past exams …are they better for prep or are sch. test better…need some booster… thanks!!

forget schweser volume 2.

past exams - go to the source. Get them from cfa institute site . Also, do exams from text - same logic - they wrote it, so they’ll test it.

bsc - Ive been studying diligently since Sept and found Schweser tests to be beyond reason. They might be good if you want to try and get a 100% on this test but they dont seem to mimic the CFAI questioning. I got my as kicked by it. Focus on the CFA tests - and focus on SS #4,5,8,9,11,13 - Gips and Ethics. Reading #38 seems also to be a good one to have down.

ok…so you mean i shall buy the practice exams from CFAI website? but how to choose from past exams…as in I saw people said they took 2007 exam…2005 exam etc… and do you gusy think i have some chance to pass this exam…

of course you have a chance. those scores aren’t horrible. work your butt of for the next week and you’ll have a good chance of passing

The written exams are free: Print them out and have fun… Then there is one free SAMPLE exam online (two more you can pay for at 40 bucks a pop) Then there is a MOCK 3 hour exam for $60.