frustrated by my practice exam score!!

hi , guys, i feel so weird and frustrated for my practice exam scores. the mean value of my scores of recent practices is 61%. i used a time-series regression method to predict what i may obtain in 9 days. it seems that the score will be still below 65%:frowning: plus, the relationship was very significant) and also i found it very hard to read all the letters in code and ethic parts since English is not my mother language. do you native speakers feel the same way as i feel? hope miracles would come to me!

whoa…did you say you used mean regression to figure out your potential score at the exam? That is pretty hardcore. English is my first language, and I have no problem with Ethics. Bummer that it is the only language the test is offered in, but I am sure if you are decent at it and strong in other areas you will be fine…there are many charterholders that do not have English as their maiden language.

wow…dork alert :wink: