Frustrated by my test scores

I revised Quants (excluding last two readings), equity, corpfin and then appeared for a mock (Vol 2 exam 3). Turns out I scored a 60%. I don’t know what am I gonna do with these scores. If I don’t clear L1 on my first attempt, my life and career would be finished.

I scored a 55 on FRA, 40 on Equity, 55 on FI. Couldn’t get worse than this.

Don’t worry about your scores. Use every second you have to continue studying so that you are one step closer to a higher score!

Best of luck no…haaa…I still remember how you wrote useless things on my posts when i had asked about review of my scores!!!

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Lol. How old are you?

On another note, nothing over there was useless. I have seen you following my advice and paying more respect to anonymous people here. Nothing was related to “review” of your scores over there though. It only dealt with etiquette 101.

I’d have appreciated if you had rather help me figure out a strategy to increase my scores than this.

OK bhai ,on a serious note,please practice as much as you can from schweser q bank…200 questions every day for 20 days…i know you will easily pass !!!

do not worry about your scores, people who had scored poor at mocks passed the L1 too. Just learn from the mistakes and try not repeating them on the exam if the same concept shows up. And on a side note, the second book is more tough than the first one. You still got 20 days. Practice, Practice and more Practice is the key. All the best.

make some accounting frnds,weightage wise FRA is the most important topic…so review it thoroughly…might as well use 2 days for it…what did u graduate in btw?

Thanks all. Are you people mugging up the formulae? Like If I ask you what is EV? Would you be able to tell me right away without looking at the textbook?

MV of debt+Mv of equity- cash and equivalent=EV

Arrey, I didn’t intend to ask the question. All I wanted to say is wht shd I do if I dnt knw even this thing.

lol…i think it is very difficult to learn up formulas(without practice)…practice questions…and in the process you will end up understanding/learning all the formulas…

Study 100 qbank questions for the next 20 days and on the weekends write mocks, for the next three weekends we have before the test. Simple as that. Understand the questions, see your weaknesses, you’re bound to improve your score.

don’t give up!

you have time left, just practice and give it your all

practice.from schweser question bank and cfai mock. once you practise questions, the fomulae will come to you easily. but practise you must.

Dont worry about your scores.practise as many questions as you can.Try the mocks from the practise book of schweser.these will definitely help you.There is still time,you can improve

@rahul roy : its really not good to say like that to blackjack even if he was wrong in the past. ETHICs are not there just to read and give exams for, but they are to make you a better professional and better human being. We shall all help others, motivate others, forgive others and let go others, just adding three letters C-F-A will not make great difference if one cannot change himself/herself from the inside. Please Rahul and Blackjack stop this immature behaviour and attitude please and lets focus on the exam and pray for each other instead of demotivating each other.


  1. Dont panic at all- it will not bring you any benefit, and world is really not going to end with this

  2. Check your weaker areas and go for topic with higher % of questions in exam.

  3. Practice the numericals and understand the concepts

  4. Re-read End of Chapter Key Concepts or other summaries