frustrated with schweser

Here’s another example of why schweser sucks: Q10.A Morning session Exam 1, book 7: Calculate the quarterly alpha. Guess what? The answer key wants the annual alpha. Schweser sucks.

Man, people are going to think I work for them or something. I’ve gotten through 2 levels using only Schweser material. Their stated goal is to help you pass the exam. You just aren’t going to get the highest level of knowledge using a watered down condensed version…you have to know that going in. You also have to accept that the material isn’t going to be perfect. The turnaround time for these guys is pretty freakin tight. I’m sure they could put alot more into in and cut down on mistakes if they had till February to get the material out. It is what it is. I think we have to accept that. Just my opinion though.