I have a friend that recently finished his masters from LSE (economic/political science) that recently has moved back to Toronto so he basically has no finance background. He keeps on telling me that I spend to much time preparing for the exam in june (level I). Supposedly he has a friend back from england that only studied for a week and passed the exam (with a finance background-recent graduate). So my friend has this perception that this exam is really not that hard and I’m over studying as he keeps on reminding me. I just find it very frustrating when he keeps on rambling on about how I only need a month to prepare for this exam.

it is possible to pass level 1 without studying much if you have a financial background and are a good test taker…If I had it to do over again I would study very hard for level 1 since level 2 is like level 1 “on steroids”. In other words, you lose nothing by overstudying for level 1 cuz level 2 is extremely hard.

Don’t listen to these people…chances are the guy is lying and if he’s not who cares? Virgin is right LI is very important for LII (lot’s of overlap).

spend less time worrying about what this guy says and more time studying for your exam