FS 2010 Stalla Mock + Practice Workbook NEW/SEALED

Not taking the exam this year. I can sell my Stall Mock Exam (with the DVD featuring PO) along with the Stall Practice Exams workbook. Everyything is NEW and SEALED. $250 obo. If you are in the US, I will pay for shipping. Unlike downloading pirated versions of Schweser off the internet, this is completely within all ethical boundaries and won’t affect your charter. Dan

Stalla gave you that permission? They got a pretty extensive license agreement at the front of every book which explicitly prohibits selling the material or transferring it to anyone. Be careful…

I’ll check that, but these are new/sealed. That is pretty suprising that you can’t transfer a license for a new product. Certainly that is legal for software.

Yes, this is fine.

BUMP Still available and still legit to sell.

$250. Wow what a deal.

SlaveII Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $250. Wow what a deal. Yes cost is >$500 new.