FS: Schweser June 08 Essential Package in Australia

Will post to anywhere in Australia. Selling for AUD $150 - not inclusive of postage. Includes QBank, Study notes, 2 exam booklets (6 exams), DIY LOS cards. I’m in Melbourne so if you want to pick it up, that’s fine as well. Price is negotiable!

Hey toe, What condition are the notes in? Do you happen to have Secret Sauce? Thanks.

…also, have you got an email addy or ph # we can use to discuss? Thanks.

yup email is theleonard at gmail

Hi, not relevant to this post but since you r from australia, therefore asking. How well cfa in demand in australia? What other course certification works to get into investment management. Exploring possibility of moving to australia.

I don’t think it’s nearly in as much demand as it is in Europe and Canada, but it certainly will put you at the top of a pile of resumes, all else being equal. However, I know quite a few people in finance who don’t even know what it is. It’s the usual “I’m studying for the CFA exam”, “what’s that”, “ummm… don’t worry”. Some of these people work for global finance firms, but not in investment management. Oddly enough, most of the candidates I know are in PE or banking. As for other certs, there’s nothing else that’s really recognised. Like most countries, if you have excellent marks in your undergrad/masters from a top 3 uni and have the CFA, then you’ll get an interview. It’s all up to subjective factors after that.