FSA a small book yet the most points?

I just looked at the old scores it seems like FSA is still a big portion of this test, yet the book is one of the smallest? Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Derivatives 36 - Economics 18 - Equity Analysis 72 - Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - Financial Statement Analysis 108 - Fixed Income Analysis 36 - General Portfolio Management 36 - Quantitative Analysis 18 (scores deleted)

the # of questions under FSA includes corp fin. FSA alone is 3 SS, if I remember correctly, which is still pretty sizeable I think.

Its approx 250 pages. Ethics, Quant, and Econ are all also about 200 pages each. However, I think the materical in FSA take harder to absorb because of the calculations you have to do with BA, Income Statement, and Cash Flow.

Lucky accountants =)

I used Schweser for the first 2 FSA SS’s, but used CFA for the 3rd SS. There are no study questions at all for the 3rd SS, not sure about the first 2. That alone decreases the size of the book. In Corp finance there are tonnes of questions in the CFA texts. Having no practice questions at least for the “synthesis” reading is a little ridiculous (my soapbox point). Despite the size of the book there is definitely a lot of material in FSA.

They have reduced the FSA this year, which I personally hate as I am really good at it and it is one of my strongest areas…

I know people who have passed that have done CA exams and have studied only 3 weeks for Level-1, all thanks to FSA.

^ I studied for 6 week for L1 and passes with flying colors (all over 70%), got too cocky and studied just under 2 months for L2 last year and just failed…so now I have officially started studying as of today…FSA makes or breaks a lot of people but it’s not all…especially in L2…I nailed FSA in L2 but FI and Deriv got me and caused me to fail.