FSA advice

This is the second time around with Level 1 for me. I am still struggling with FSA and feel like I am not making any headway. Would it be better to plow through the material and come back to review closer to the exam, or continue to grind away and potentially loose valuable study time on the the remaining topics? Thanks in advance.

you gotta understand the fundamental concepts, my brother. id hit that CFAI book from the beginning. Accounting is very logical once you understand the basics.

if you give specific things your having trouble with, your bound to get some quality help on this board.

tbh there were a couple of subjects in FSA that i just could not make sense of when studying for june - a lot of the concepts dealing with taxes, leases and liabilities… i have read over them several times but was still caught off guard by questions the only way for me to get it was to do lots and lots of practice problems on the subject - i used stalla passmaster. that approach ended up working well, i knew those sections inside out and i scored >70% on fsa w/ no finance background so my suggestion is to find lots of practice problems w/ full solutions to target specific weaknesses

Thanks for the good feedback. I am using the Q-bank, and take sample practice exams each night on the material that I’ve covered to date. I get the Lifo/Fifo material, and the financial statements make sense, but the lease capitalization and taxes are killing me. Hit 'em long and straight!

golf, have you read all the material (and by that I mean Schweser) and did it make sense? if not, ask for more information or query the cfa books to make sure you understand every line in there. If that doesn’t help, ask for some background info on the board here. Once you have done that you can hit q-bank, look up every questions you don’t understand and move on. FSA is crucial, try and hit 90% here each and every time and strange things must happen for you to fail in December.

MC, Thanks for the advice. I have read the Schweser material, and use the Qbank to affirm the material. This week I’ve started to go back to the CFAI books to take the practice questions. Over the weekend, something happened and I started to get it. I’m still in the middle of SS9, but am hopeful.

hey guys… is it important to solve end-of chapter problems of SS9…i mean they were not multiple choice questions…so i left them and jus solved Schweser que instead…such questions wont appear in the exam…right…??