FSA Book Problems

In the first few chapters, the problems in this book were relatively easy. Missed a few on each section, but did generally well my first time around. However, on the later chapters in which the problems are much more indepth, I am having some difficulty on certain problems. How does the real test relate to these chapters? I feel like I’m killing myself on these chapters. I’d like to get your suggestion opinion on these. Thanks.

Let me know when you discover a shortcut… learning it the hard way. Financial ratios are not that bad, but I’m struggling now with taxes, yuck. Also bracing for leases and off-balance sheet stuff ahead.

Off-balance sheet items is what kills me in regards to FSA. I never covered that in undergrad.

I spent hours on some of these chapters and just finished the book last night. I still need to go over the taxes and leases section. Does anyone have any good notes that they can send me for some of the materials? Thanks!