I’m working my way through this one (chose to read it last out of the 6 texts) and am finding it needlessly wordy and too verbose. Is it fair to just skip reading the text, and hammer out the Schweser FSA material instead. I am getting EXTREMELY bored reading this specific cfai text :confused:

CFAI FSA = undecipherable ass rape SS9 in particular

althought SS 9 has alot of crap, there was only 1 or 2 lease/ Cap. Vs Exp. on the exam

Particularly the reading of income tax which made me confuse. Worse, Schweser study note does not make any clearer. Anyway, i hate those things.

You can manage just fine with Schweser…skip the text IMO. I managed the studying just fine…if possible buy a copy of the Schweser videos. Totally worth it.

oh FSA is pretty huge …ss9… but Schweser works fine… covering the text will be next to not possible… stick to notes… n do them well… wot are these Schweser videos that i have seen people talk about? r they really good?

If you’ve studied enough, you may need them for 5% of your portion. That’s it. But it’ll be worth the peace of mind…worked for me. Susan Lakatos rocked for Eco!Used the cd’s for 2 chapters in macro, half of Income Tax and the last part of Leases…

thanks… will give it a try for L2… hopefully soon…

I read the L1 FSA CFAI text. It was not too bad, SS9 did take forever though. I usually do a quick skim of the text and then pull out that sheet of LOS’s and take notes so that I am writing down each LOS in my notes and pulling it all together.

there were maybe 5 questions total on SS9 on the test. dont get too bogged down in details.

I struggled with SS9 the first time through, too. However, I found that when I did my review of it a month and a half or so before the exam, it suddenly clicked for me. Qbank was really helpful for those topics.