FSA concept question

what is the difference between stockholder and common shareholder? Are they the same? And what is stakeholder? Does it mean the same? Thanks

Same thing unless a stockholder is holding preferred stock.

If I recall correctly, stakeholders are those that have an interest (or some sort of stake) in the company. This group can include shareholders, but it can also include employees, the local community, business partners, etc.

the same. for preferred stocks, all you need to know is that they come before common in the food chain if the firm blows up. also know that a preferred is valued like this price = div/disct rate (perpetutity)

Stockholder include all types of stockholders, preferred stockholer+ common Stockholders+(options). So common stockholders oly include holder of common stock and stockholder include holder of all types of stock(preferred Stockholder+common Stockholders+option stockholder). And stakeholders simply put means all the parties that have an interest in the well being of the compagnie, eithre because they are in business or because they hold a piece of the company. Giristide.