FSA exam

I apologise if this topic has been posted before. If so please can someone send me the link to the thread? I just wanted to know: - how long does it take to study for it - how many exams/levels are there? how long to complete all of them -is it true that it is required for finance professionals giving advice in the UK only? - if anyone has a good site for all this info including where to sign up, how much it costs etc that would be much appreciated. Thanks

hi has anyone does the fsa exam??

I did this a few years ago to become an approved person when in IB. Doing this will not help you get a job. Not in a gazillion years. I slept through a 5 day course, then slept through half the exam. Passed both papers. I think one was regulations and one was something else. Seriously, it won’t help you get a job.

^^^LOL!!! (if only that were true). http://www.beanactuary.org/exams/exam_info.cfm

Im not sure if your refering to the Investment Administration Qualification (IAQ) thats based in England. Companies in the UK are encouraged to have a certain number of employees with this to reduce certain types of liability. Anyway it consists of 3 small exams that take about 1 or 2 days study. I did it while unemployed in London. I dont think it made any differnces to my chances of getting a job. But it wasnt much of a hassel getting anyway. http://www.bppfinancialservices.com/courses/iaq/default.htm

I know it won’t help me get a job, but quite often job specs state that they want someone FSA registered. Not the IAQ, but the thing that front office stafff in UK have to take.