FSA format (CFAI)

While doing the tons of Schweser Sample Exams I noticed that in the FSA towards the tail end there is certain amount of Corporate Finance would that be the format on the D day.

Yes - CF is put in with the FSA section on the real exam

V. Corporate Finance So, you are saying the all of the following is tested under the FSA section on the actual exam? A. Corporate Governance B. Dividend Policy C. Capital Investment Decisions D. Business and Financial Risk E. Long-Term Financial Policy F. Short-Term Financial Policy G. Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

if CF is under FSA, then does that mean we get NPV questions - cuz getting them rigth is good points on FSA.

I guess it’s not really a FSA section on the exam, more of a ‘FSA + Corporate finance’ section. If you’re using Schweser, it’s all the stuff from SS11 which is Capital Budgeting, Cost of Capital, Working Capital Management and Corporate Goverance stuff. I guess CFA decided to put it all together is because CF contains quite a bit of ratio stuff which is basically the same as in FSA!