FSA - Intercorporate investments

Quesitons in the CFAI text (#19 - 24) discuss a 50;50 JV where a company assumes all of the losses of an SPE. The answers show that the proportionate sales, expenses, assets, and liabilities are applied, however, when it sells A/R to the SPE, the A/Rs are consolidated onto the financial statements of the sponsor. So why is the proportionate method used in the first case and the consolidation method used in the second? Also, why is net income and equity the same regardless of which method is used i.e. equity, proportionate consolidation, acquisition?

the equity is same because of the fact that in the prop consolidation you have the minority interest portion being shown… Net Income remains the same - since you remove the portion due to minority interest. SPE - you need to consolidate on your accounts…

so minority interest is being added to equity for all three? and miniroty interest is being subtracted from net income for all three?

not for all three… only for the prop consol method and I am pretty sure that Acquisition method the equity and net income remain the same is incorrect… [if this is so stated in schweser - they have errata, I believe that have corrected this].