FSA Most Challanging Section

What you guys finding to be the most challanging FSA section?


Where are you from? your name sounds local to me

Holland, where you from?

Oh ok. i am from South africa. But it makes sense-Afrikaans is a language derived from Duth. What you finding to be the most challanging FSA section?

lol, small world…I live in S.A for 22 years moved there when i was 5. I’m now in Ireland. So you could probably say i’m more SA then Dutch. Well i’m going through analysis of finacing liabilities which i find i have some trouble with. Was planning on getting Stalla videos to help clarfiy some concepts.

SS 9 is hell of a study…lotta stuff to remember…

lol. It is a very small world. Where about in SA did you live. I just finished Analysis of Income Tax. Starting Analyisis of finacing liabilities today. The pain…