There was that vignette on Synthesis in FSA. Sorry if this has been posted before, but that particular qn. that dealt with corp. restructuring charges…what was the answer? Pls. tell me that it was 5 mn! I spent 15 mins on it. :-\ This question was in the AM session, along with the LIFO/FIFO adjustment stuff. Also, what was the answer for the LIFO/FIFO question? Basically, LIFO becomes FIFO because of liquidation and FIFO behaves like LIFO, right? Don’t know if I make sense.

it was 5 m, last line of vignette said he averaged the 3 charges over 3 years. it was a LIFO liquidation, but I can’t remember what I put

Yeah! I almost didn’t read that last line :slight_smile: Then I re-read the entire part again, just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. I was dumb enough to go with 10 mn first. Thanks for your help.

the analyst wasnt right though in his method. see the other thread for a big discussion of this. general consensus is 10mm was correct.

I answered 10 but wasn’t sure.