FSA Quick reference

not sure if it will help your guys, but I try to associate something in the word to the actions… For example, Capita"L" Lease “Lower” every ratio except debt/equity Use the same thing for FIFO and LIFO Rising prices for "L"IFO - (COGS Higher, Cash flows higher) Lower tax lower NI lower inventory lower working cap.

This is great! You should be hired by schweser! :slight_smile: Really usefull…thanks!

Good one! I know I am going to start giggling when I get a question on daj’s SNOB method.

I am not memorizing any of the acronyms, just hoping i’ll be able to navigate my answers based on concepts/ my understanding (very little right now). lol

haha it’s helping me through for now… We’ll see after tomorrow, im going to take my first mock

Guy, if you have been following Qs on here, you will see a lot of the questions…