FSA - Synthesis

How are you guys going about doing this? It contains quite a few stuff from level 1. And can get complicated as each adjustment can get complicated if CFA wants it to. Ive gone through both CFAI and Schweser. SOmehow do not feel confident. I might have to dig up my Level 1 books for this.

I haven’t taken the LII exam before, but I think you’re likely to see questions similar to those you saw in Level 1. The curveball would probably be using the accounting adjustments (e.g., leases, off-balance sheet, etc.) to calculate the impacts in P/E, FFCF, P/B, in the equity section and accounting section. It would be nice to hear the opinion of someone who has already taken the exam though.

Solve problems and more problems. Post problems out here… and the discussion brings things out, more than you would think yourself. This was something that was done a lot while a part of this group was on the L1 forum close to December last year, and this year, not so much.

^ I remember those intense discussions in Oct/Nov-07 cpk!! It helped me pass L1