FSA video-allen-cfa 2006-should I use

I have Allen Resources of CFA level 1 2006 video. I have gone through their ethics and quant part and I really liked. I was thinking of going thru Core FSA and CFA basics video. 1.) Should I go through that video ? Yes or No 2.) Will that be useful or syllabus has changed too much. or straight away I should start from Schweser video? I am an engineer by profession and dont have much idea about FSA

Actually Ive found them useful, as concepts hardly change. I do not think that difference in topic coverage is crucial in that case. However, I’d rather read CFAI books than listen to lectures (its much more efficient). The problem is that my boss forbids me to read the books at work. So, I try to listen to these videos :slight_smile: whenever I can and cannot read books.

Definately Yes …I have old Allen resources video and I found them pretty useful especially if you are unaware of basics. But you have to make sure you find the right topic. You cant go on watching the whole series. Some of the topics never change, there order might be different… good luck