Do you prefer to read the Study Note on FSA sessions or CFAI text? I just finished watching the VCD from Schweser on Session 7 and it is all concepts and put me asleep(I watched it while traveling on bus). I just put another disc on and see Session 8 has over 10 separate video and each over 30 min. This is crazy and I need to focus on FSA since this is my weakest part of all. I have read the CFAI text on all, except Equity and FSA.

The CFAI text is probably your best bet if you want to get a thorough understanding of the material. Use the Schweser notes for review.

I’ve finished the FSA Schweser videos and found them useful. Study Session 7 is a bit dry but that’s more to do with the material than the lecturer. For 20% of the exam the material you need to cover is huge. 4 hours of vidoes for SS8 isn’t that big when you look at the number of pages in the institute material.

I am still watching the SS#8 part 5 today.

If you have time to read, CFAI is the way to go. I think, if you could cover one reading per day (Some readings take couple of days and sometime you may be able to read two readings a day), you have plenty of time to cover the CFAI material (say 6 readings per week). Allocating few hours a day and some extra hours during the weekends will keep you on this schedule. If you have Schweser note review them by the end of April. You will have enough time to try sample exams and any additional review needed to catch up the LOS in which you did poorly. The key word here is “repetition”, “repetition”, “repetition” I agree. Session 7 is pretty boring as its all about concepts; reading #29 pretty easy.