How did you guys and girls MASTER FSA? Going through everything else so far, the info is becoming easier. It’s still a lot to take in and keep in, but FSA seems to be double the difficulty. What did you use or what are you using to make sure you nail this sucker and get over 70%?

did the EOCs hundreds of times w/ help of flashcards, understood the basic concepts & relationships, memorized IFRS vs. GAAP differences etc…write out the problems when you can, writing helps retention…and of course post any questions you have on here

^ i dont think i ever mastered FSA, i just new enough to get my 70 but if i wanted to master it i guess i would follow what AndrewUNH has to say. the guy loves accounting so much, i think he registered the CFA only cause the CPA site was blocked from his work… hola andrew.

Have you been using the CFA books or Schweser/stalla/elan ?

for me it’s Econ that sucks !!! All these MP, ATC, AP, AVP, AP etc…they just drive drive me crazy…also all the charts, the relationships between elements :frowning: