Full FRM + CAIA L1?

And I’m starting now…can devote 4 hours a day on a weekday with 10+ hours on a weekend. I’m looking for guidance here…have just given my CFA L2 and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long before starting to study again. Is this doable?

Id think FRM Full is definitely within range but not sure about the combined workload.

doable if you stick to your plan, i.e. 4 weekday + 10 weekend. CAIA level 1 is easy. But you probably will be significantly stressed for subsequent level 3 assuming you did ok with level 2.

Brilliant…people around me have been a bit negative about the possibility of this. I’ve just started reading for CAIA today and it’s real easy…will be taking prep classes for FRM to ease the understanding process a bit. That should save a bit fo time too and get me on a quick pace… L3…is gonna be a different animal. Keeping fingers crossed on that one… :frowning:

Have you registered for the CAIA exam? It is not going to be splitted into more levels so what is the benefit of rushing it? CFA L3 is really a different animal, its content “looks simple” but the questions are difficult, subjective and ambigious. You have to spare enough time to fully prepare for it.

Agreed…but the way I see it is regardless of whether I do the CAIA this year or not, I still have the FRM on my plate. Which effectively means I’ll be studying for that till November in any case. By doing the CAIA L1 now, I save about half a year cos I intend doing L2 in September next year. It’s gonna be a crazy haul till November though… Background: I’m based in India and the financial market job scene is obscenely competitive…I know this is the wrong approach but out here people are real big on 'C’s!!The CFP/CHA is the next course…which is kinda why the tearing hurry to get the CAIA done with.

IMO opinion CFA+ACCA is more than enough for career. Take GMAT instead of FRM.

lol…have a 785 on that! And I’d never clear a dedicated accounting exam…

sorry I meant CAIA instead of ACCA