Full Time Job Searching

I’m in need of some guidance and I believe many are. In one week I’ll be graduating from a decent college with good grades and some other resume boosters like college athlete and what not. I have 2 decent internships under my belt but I’m having trouble getting into a job I want.

My internships are with wealth managment firms where I was doing research for clients portfolios. The problem is that I’m trying to get an analyst position at a financial firm. How can I make this transition? where do I look? and in general what do I need to do to get a job as an analyst.

Any input is appreciated.

Focus on smaller/specialized sell side shops and smaller asset managers. I work for a large buy side shop and our undergrad offers are all signed by the end of March. I am assuming most large buy/sell side shops operate the same way and all the seats are mostly filled.

Your location will be a pretty big factor in your options because the smaller shops are usually in just one maybe two cities. Hopefully you are in NY, Boston, or Chicago.

As someone who came from the back office to the front office I would advise you to wait at least through the end of summer before giving in and taking an operations job because those will always be available, try your luck for a FO gig as long as you can before going back office route.

Your best shot will be networking, most seats filled by less conventional hires (non target) are because they knew someone.

Galan, Can you post a story about your transition?

lxwarr… you thinking about leaving your job? If so, I’d be interested in doing it.

I’m just trying to keep my eyes open for now :smiley: