Fund Manager Databases

Hi all,

I have an interview with a company which has expertise in manager selection.

In preparation I want to, amongst other things, learn about fund manager databases for managers of both traditional and alternative asset classes. In my current employer we basically just use bloomberg, which quite frankly I haven’t found to be restrictive. However I think it’s worth doing some research as where I am interviewing they really specialize in fund selection and it would be nice to come up with a question like " do you use X, Y, Z database…".

Thanks very much for your input.

Oh, and the role is basically for an investment analyst so grunt work I expect.


BigDough was useful as a manager database. I haven’t used it in few years, but found it useful at the time. It is subscription based (and expensive) so may not be much help if you were hoping to peruse the list before your interview.

Hi! thanks for the reply. I just wanted a few names and got some just from looking at the neet, i.e. Morningstar, Lipper, Barclays manager databases, etc. And now BigDough. Actually I am sure there are tons of other questions, concerning the process of fund selection, 4Ps, etcetera that will be much more important at the time. There will be a 2nd interview (hopefully for me too) so I think if I need to present anything it will be at that time. Anyway, I am really excited! I just can’t wait!!

eVestment alliance is what my firm uses. I work as an investment analyst at a actuairal/investment consultant firm

Hi middleclass6891, thanks very much for the input. If you can think of some standout questions that they might ask me then please pary tell!!

From a marketing perspective, asset managers list institutional separate accounts largely on eVestment Alliance and list funds (40 act and UCITS) on Morningstar. At least, those of are the sources at the bottom of practically every industry report I see. Lipper seems to have lost market share, perhaps.

Thank you for the input brain_wash_your_face!

I wouldn’t be able to give good advice as my interview was around 20 minute tops for my internship and 10 of those minutes were based on my resume and more just having conversations with my boss. To tell you the truth I probably got the internship because he could tell I was excited about the stock market and what not. For full-time offer, it was just a follow up process so no interview needed.

I would just prepare like you normally would for a big bank interview with the general strength and weakness type crap questions and also have general opinions of the markets and different asset classes.

Thanks everyone for the input! I will let you all know how it went (if it went okay)!!

eVestment Alliance for institutional separate accounts. SIMFUND by strategic insight for all retail managers and funds (mutual funds). Simfund is used by all the major analyst covering the publicly listed asset managers to track flows, assets, fees, etc, but you can also pull manager specific information as well including data from S&P, Morningstar, Lipper, etc.