Fund of funds analyst role within institutional investor - is this a good role?

Hi all,

I am in the process of applying for an in house analyst role within the asset management team of an insurer.

The role is focused on investing surplus assets across alternative asset classes (e.g private debt, private equity, hedge funds etc). I believe the role would mainly involve evaluating new investment ideas and funds and helping to manage the portfolio, but I believe it will be on a fund of funds basis so there won’t be much individual focus on security selection.

I would be interested to know if anyone here has done a similar role. Did you enjoy it, if not what did you dislike?

Is it something that you’d recommend, and what is the long term comp like? I believe in this role, the long run goal would be to become a portfolio manager

Many thanks

Depends what you really want to do, deep down how do you want to spend your time?

If you’re indifferent then go for it, would be great experience. I do fund analysis for a pension/life co and its pretty good. Eye opening how many not so great active managers are out there. I really like the engagement with the fund managers, you’ll be interviewing them to understand their processes etc. Market seminars to stay onto of themes are also interesting. Analysis is fine, not too much too it.

For me through, I love trading stocks so not entirely satisfied. With that being said I am aware of the huge perk of being able to trade my own book, something that wouldn’t be an option when focused on security selection at a firm. At a fund of fund level our compliance are happy with us trading (excluding just a couple of “strategic partners”). I suspect the work life balance is also pretty great in comparison.

What’s the end game? Fund of Fund portfolio manager? Long term there is the whole committee/board member option but I think being a portfolio manager will also fast track joining the party here later in life.

Just my two cents. All the best!


Thanks dude and sorry for the late reply - very interesting insight and I broadly agree with everything you said I actually decided to go for the role in the end so I’m excited for this new challenge. Who knows where this role will take be in the future… but I’m feeling positive and up for it!!!

Nice one, new gig is always exciting so enjoy :call_me_hand: