Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program

I just saw this on site - Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program:

One needs to pay the fee ($800-900) and go through online course (20 hrs, self-paced).

It looks like CAIA-Lite to me. What exactly is this program?

I received the email from caia announcing the new program. It is done in cooperation with Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA).

I get an impression this new Certificate is for people who don’t want to go CAIA route, but desire to get at least something on the resume saying they had training in the Alternatives space.

While we are on the subject of other certificates, does anyone have an opinion about Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program and it’s founder Richard Wilson? He runs the Hedge Fund Group - do any of you paraticipate in the HFG?

Yes. The new certificate program is for consultants and sales folks that don’t want to take the two CAIA exams. The CAIA Association is copying it from the CFA Institute, which created the Claritas Investment Certificate in 2012. It is all about the benjamins!

It is the first time I have heard about the CHP program.

I though the same - all these new certificates and programs popping-up - just a way to make quick $$$.

Meanwhile no one is aware of these designations, so likely they are not worth the money spent…

The guy from HFG is also pushing paid events, seminars and materials, actually quite aggresively

The Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program is a new online certificate course offered by the CAIA Association, that provides a foundation of core concepts in alternative investments. The course fills a critical education gap for financial professionals who need to understand the ever-changing landscape of alternative investments.

Program Highlights:

· Online, 20-hour, self-paced course

· Created and taught by CAIA’s alternative investment experts

· Explains the core concepts in alternative investments

· Builds confidence in discussing and positioning alternative investments

· Provides flexibility to learn online at your own pace

· Earns continuing education hours for the CIMA®, CIMC®, and CPWA® designations

· Topics include portfolio construction, risk management, due diligence, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and much more

For a direct comparison between the FAI Certificate program and the CAIA Charter program, please refer to this page on CAIA’s website:

Additional information may be found on the Fundamentals website:

Thank you.

This certification bubble is going to burst one day. Now you have derivatives of the real thing. Unreal.