Funny stories about being friend zoned. What did you do?

Af go. Inspired by jorah.

I have friend zoned a few chicks, whereby typically when you say you’re friendzoned to a girl, it stirs up something inside of them and they immediately want to hook up with you because they wonder why they couldn’t make the cut. So it has backfired on me.

As I recall, only one girl friendzoned me in highschool. We made out a couple times and then she said just just wanted to be friends. Then, years later she bought me Rays pizza (delivered remotely) when I was living in NYC as a surprise and we started long distance dating and then I moved down to date her. She was really hot and cool, but had issues. It didn’t workout, but we still keep in touch. lol so maybe we are ‘friendzoned’ now.

I think jorah has a shot now. Just needs to be there in the moment when she vuln​​​​​​erable.

who is jorah? you mean jerrah


^ Hmmm, the Bible says the whale ate Jonah, not the other way around.

^^ literally watching Chris Farley version 2 here.

What is funny about getting friend zoned?

Or John Belushi version 3.

i mean my reaction to being friend zoned is always funny. -aight well i got to go.

cant we be friends? -nope. not really. lol. unless… you got some girl friends to offer?

when i was younger, getting friend zoned was pretty sad though. always hoping. lol

On the bright side, you might get that unexpected call from a horny friend at 1am.


happened to me before. chick called me around that time. at that time i shared a room with a my older bro. so i woke him up and begged him to leave. lol

another true story, as to why he didnt fuss when i asked him to get out. when i was in high school, he once slept with a chick and told the chick i was dead asleep… i was wide awake… we had 2 single beds that were connected only at the corner.

I don’t have any funny stories about being friend zoned - usually they are not so funny as they are sad, and I try to move on ASAP from Debbie Downers. I’m all about capturing the flag, mate!

I’ve never been friend zoned, but I have friend zoned a couple of girls without realizing they really wanted the D.

ive been shot down but never friend zoned - probably bc i was usually pretty forthcoming with my intentions and moved on quick. never really had many female friends throughout my life either.

Hope you pointed them in the right direction.


We’ll stay friends or we’ll stay in touch, a good manner to get rid of someone.

Claim: Jonah Hill “insert fat joke here”.

Verdit: FALSE

Jonah Hill

Love the socks.

damn, good for him. I thought that was Ryan Reynolds after a week long bachelor party.