Funny Testing Center Stories?

Hope everyone is feeling rested and relieved after Saturday! Overall I thought the exam was really fair, though admittedly struggled a little more with the PM session.

Now that we’re free: any funny stories from exam day? I was chatting with my friend and its seems there are always some bizarre things that happened and wanted to see what your experiences were.

In the AM I started stressing at the end because the girl next to me was done so much earlier - turns out she was just thoroughly over it and didn’t show up for PM. Also had a funny instance with a big burly proctor hunting down someone for their smartwatch. That’s about all I got!

When I sat for L1 in Dec 2014, a foreigner guy traveled to Lima just for the exam. He was on my right for AM and PM exams. He was doing heavy breathing noises (darth vaider noises) and movements like scratching his head, etc. He was frustrated, I assume, and nervous. I was afraid proctors would consider his movements and noises as signals for plagiarism and me to be involved. I know this is not funny, but a peculiar story.

For L2 the story is that I couldn’t help myself at looking the girl’s butt a chair ahead from me, twicce. I remember a proctor (a young lady) was looking at me like “okay??” lol. Didn’t glance again.

Sat for Dec. 2016 LVL1 exam and brought two calculators with me, just in case. We were already sitting in the exam hall waiting the exam to start when an attractive young lady walks up to me and asks “I see you brought a back-up calculator…_ I forgot mine at home _…may I borrow yours?” What followed was the most difficult 5 seconds of my life during which I was trying to decide whether I’ll actually need the calculator and if lending the calculator would help me getting laid.

In conclusion: I, for sure, didn’t get laid and she, probably, didn’t pass the exam.

Savage :slight_smile:


I sat mine in Dallas this Sat and boy was the air-conditioner loud, Half way through, it kick started like a Boeing engine, the guy next to me jumped from his chair knocking down his pencil and passport and moving the table. good thing i wasnt scribbling an answer as that would have been bad.

there were a few pple that literally slept through the afternoon session.

I took my exam this weekend. I accidentally ripped my scantron, it wasn’t too bad but ’ according to the CFAI the scantron can be altered’ . The peron in charge of my section had to find me a new exam. She was freaking out because she did not want to too loud but she knew that I needed the scantron right away!

Pretty bad to start session 2 right?

Looking at some candidates’ cars (BMW i8, Mercedes GT, Lexus) I question myself, why these people are even taking the exam, their lives are already settled.

^ Leased.

It’s i8 Carl, i8!

paid for by mommy and/or daddy


they want to change their plates to CFALVL1

real gangstas don’t flaunt their dough. just saying…

Parents’ cars. They didn’t want to drive their own unreliable ones.

They’re in the right program; they’ll learn that buying a depreciating asset with borrowed money isn’t a good investment.