Long time lurker. this place has been a great source of help/inspiration. I passed l1 with little to no problem. Working my way through level 2, every page feels like im pushing a boulder up a hill. Anybody else struggling with the material? Not the difficulty factor, just plain dry. This is going much slower than I anticipated. Needed to vent.

Perhaps you’ve earned yourself an upgrade to the Schweser notes (or notes + videos if you’re feeling generous), rather than CFAI text? I hope you get back into the groove that you were in for L1. I feel like passing L1 with ease has made me less focused for L2.

I can understand what you are going through… Most of the material (esp in FRA / Equity) feels so familiar! Hoping to have the same fire as L1…

Find something you’re more comfortable and start there. For example, the first few readings in Equity go fairly fast. You’ll gain traction this way.

it’s rough man. and wait til you get to the exam; it’s like first 15 minutes of saving private ryan