Future contract multiplier

Do we need to remember the number?

For example, S&P is 250.

I saw a question and it only provides the contract price (for example, S&P future 1500), but no multiplier is given.

Ok, I remember S&P multiplier is 250.

What else we need to know/ remember…(If no given, hope we can assume it as 1)…

yes i thought we assume it to be 1 if its not given.

Thanks. ok if not given, only S&P i will multiply by 250. The rest is 1!

they should give you the multiplier, if needed. They do not expect you to even remember the 250 for S&P futures.

Have you seen this question by CFAI or somewhere else?

Not from CFAI.

I haven’t seen a single CFAI question where they have not given and still it was different from 1.

don’t overthink. if not given, use 1. even if its S&P.

nobody knows what is multiplier for S&P. it would be unfair for them to expect it.

If you need the multiplier, they’ll give it to you.

But after this discussion, we all will remember the 250 for the S&P :smiley: