Future Mickey D Workers

Are kids getting dumber?


A violent new game has hit the streets of several cities across America. The game which has been dubbed “knockout” involves teens going up to unsuspecting people and delivering what they call “one hit quitters”. There has been at least 3 reported deaths from these deadly knockout games.

The teens interviewed in one clip by CBS 2 say the teens are not acting out in anger, but are instead acting out in fun as a macho thing.

Read more at http://americanlivewire.com/teens-create-new-game-called-knockout-targeting-homeless-unsuspecting-people-killing-three/

"In the video below an interview with a 16 year-old girl who was knocked out by a young man. She describes the incident which was caught on surveillance camera.

The criminal, Michael Ayoade, was caught by police. His defense was that she deserved it because she had an “unfriendly face” that he was “intimidated by her”."

Seriously, though. What are you supposed to do when someone has an unfriendly face? Obviously, the only appropriate course of action is to punch this person in the head and render them unconscious. If this is not a reasonable reaction, then I don’t know what is.


Women with higher IQs tend to have a lower birthrate than women with lower IQs.

Over time, kids are literally getting dumber.

Well its like those 2 or 3 kids in Oklahoma this summer that killed some Australian dude visiting his gf at random because they “were bored”. I mean I get bored sometimes but randomly killing somebody doesn’t make the list of things to do.

Get a rope.

“Future Mickey D Workers” - more like future dead or in jail.

When I was in the Marines in Monterey, CA, there were a couple of guys who tried to kill a girl “just to see what it was like”. She was walking down a beachfront trail at 3 a.m. and got jumped by these two guys. They slit her throat twice and stabbed her eleven times.

They noticed she wasn’t dead, and one of them asked, “Why won’t she die? Die, btch!” She responded, “I’ll die. Just leave me alone.” So they left her alone.

She didn’t die. And they both got life in the federal pen. And when/if they do get out, they’ll stand trial again in military court, and will probably go to Leavenworth. (Yes, you can stand trial for the same crimes twice–once in civilan court, and once in military court, and serve two different punishments. This is not considered double jeopardy.)

2 marines couldn’t kill a single girl? That’s a bit concerning. I thought you guys could kill a grown man with a paper clip.


I thought the same thing, though, when I first heard about it. Not that I advocate ambushing people in the dead of the night on a walking trail, but the only reason they got caught is because she survived. And they were stupid enough to write about it in their diaries, which they kept in their barracks room.

If you read the account of it, it’s pretty gruesome.


If I recall correctly, she was stoned at the time. That led to a drop in blood pressure (or something), so she didn’t bleed out as much as a not-stoned person would have. If she hadn’t been high, she probably would have died.

On the same token, if eleven stabs in the chest and stomach with a K-Bar military knife and two throat slashes don’t kill her, what will?

I wish I never read this forum, i am enraged.

This kind of reminds me of a story from my fresh year in college. This one kid, nino, was admitted into the university based on AA. That weekend he had 4 of his cousins up (all 5 of them were probably 5’2 and 130) they jumped one of the football linebackers stabbing him multiple times in the mid section. The linebacker, with the help of a massive adrenoline rush, was able to hold them off long enough for word to spread and for the entire football team to help him out. I saw pictures of those 5 kids after, wow, did they mess with the wrong person.

“Stand Your Ground” law?

This has to be one of the most infuriating things I’ve ever read…

this one is bad too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Okinawa_rape_incident

but they are all heroes who protect “freedom”

^Only 12 years old, absolutely traggic… i hope prison returned the favor to all of them.