Futures Broker/Account Executive

Do you think that this job profile fits in the minimum experience requirement in getting a charter? Where can I find the list of profiles that qualify for meeting the professional req? Tried searching on CFA website but could not find it. Any help appreciated.

https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/charterholder/membership/work_experience.html https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/charterholder/membership/jobtitles.html https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/charterholder/membership/work_descriptions.html this may help

I held this position for 3 years and they counted it. It all depends on how you explain your role and what you actually do. For example, I worked for a small shop so I also worked on the trade desk.

Thanks this is helpful. I asked this bcos, what I found is - companies do take fresh people for these profiles if they hold CMFAS certifications. I am from an IT background in an investment bank and trying to find out if this can be an easy entry into the industry. Would this be a good way to move into it? My aim is to get into an Analyst role and understand that it would not be easy entry into it. And how much is a fresh person usually paid in such a profile (trader/broker)? Just thinking because I hold a respectable salary position and cannot downgrade too much considering that I have a family to take care of too, but yes if required - can downgrade a bit. Any feedback?

I learned a lot abt derivatives in my role as a Futures Broker/ Account Executive, but it carries little weight trying to move into investment management. Most people think it is a big deal because you deal with futures and options on futures, but you don’t make any investment decisions. My role was to bring in all new accounts and back up the trade desk. This did require that I understand how the contracts are traded and used for hedging vs. speculation and it was very interesting at first. As far as comp is concerned you could earn a decent wage if you bring in a lot of accounts, but that all depends on the firm you go with.