Futures down 1.5% or so

DJIA INDEX 9,222.00 -140.00

Intel beat earnings per share expectations by a penny, reporting 35 cents versus the 34 cents that Wall Street expected. Still, some are calling into question Intel’s EPS number since the company was taxed at a far better-than-expected 28 percent rate, instead of the normal 33 percent. If the usual tax rate was used, Intel’s EPS would be driven down 30 cents a share. n the release, CEO Paul Otellini says, "As we look to Q4, it is hard to know what impact the financial crisis will have on end customer demand.

JPMorgan Reports Profit but Revenue Disappoints JPMorgan Chase said it expects “reduced earnings over the next few quarters” due to the turbulent environment.

Recession here I come!!!

the 1000 monday was a snapback rally. Good chance we end @ 8500 by the weekend